CPOPC Has New Member

Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Board (IPOB), Derom Bangun
CPOPC Has New Member

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Until now Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) consists of Indonesia and Malaysia only and the countries are the main producers in the world. For there would be new member, Columbia, it is believed that CPOPC would strengthen the institution.

Ivory Coast and Thailand are said to be the members of CPOPC. 

According to Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Board (IPOB), Derom Bangun, if there are more members, it could be better to campaign the palm oil usage in the world. “We have proposed to add new member, Ivory Coast because the country is also against to the policy in Europe,” he said when joining the preparation meeting about The 6th Ministerial Meeting CPOPC in the office of Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Tuesday (26/2/2019).

Though the country produced about 300 thousand to 600 thousand tons of palm oil, small in numbers, he continued, Ivory Coast has many experiences to face the black campaigns from the European countries.

Besides the potential to be the new member of CPOPC is Thailand which could produce palm oil up to 2,5 million tons. But it takes some time to have Thailand as the member because it concentrates to the domestic needs. “It seems, Thailand still concentrates to the domestic needs because the production is fully used in the country,” Derom said. (T2)


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