Palm Oil Exports from Indonesia to Africa, Bangladesh, and America Increased

Palm Oil Exports from Indonesia to Africa, Bangladesh, and America Increased

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The report of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) revealed that in January 2019 Africa increased the palm oil imports from Indonesia up to 74% or from 181,48 thousand tons in December to be 315.91 thousand tons.

The increasing imports also happened in Bangladesh reaching 43%, United States of America reaching about 26%, Middle East countries reaching 13%, and India reaching 9%. In the early of 2019, India reduced the incoming import tariff to Malaysia for CPO which reached 44% to be 40% and for refined palm oil to be 45% from 54%.

“The government of Indonesia should do intense lobby with India and make special agreement to get special tariff for CPO to remain competitive,” Executive Director of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Mukti Sardjono said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (1/3/2019) in Jakarta.

On the other hand, in January 2019 Pakistan decreased the imports about 8,5% or from 290,26 thousand tons in December 2018 to be 265,49 thousand tons. It happened in European Union reaching 4%, and China reaching 3%.

Since China started promoting and running the usage of renewable energy, the biodiesel imports in the country from Indonesia have the same numbers. In January the biodiesel imports from Indonesia reached 10 thousand tons. The numbers were the same in December 2018. In the end of January 2019, palm oil stocks in Indonesia reached 3,02 million tons or decreased 7% compared to December 2018 which reached 3,26 million tons. (T2)


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