Could be the Threat in Palm Oil Plantations if Ganoderm is not Anticipated

Could be the Threat in Palm Oil Plantations if Ganoderm is not Anticipated

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – If the attack of Ganoderma is not anticipated, one thing for sure, the fungus in the soil would expand its attack by reducing the population of the palm oil trees and in the end, there would be bigger losses in the plantations.

In the survey and analysis to 100 planters, it nearly reached 60% that they did not realize that theirs have been attacked by ganoderm. The symptoms and the infection stadium of ganoderm are as follow:

The leaves are yellowish and bad like they are lack of water. The surface of the crown is flat. There are many male flowers. Two of the spear leaves are not open. There are mycelia in the base of the midrib. The immature fresh fruit bunch has ‘seeds’. The lower part of midrib gets dry (the immature trees) and easy to fall down (mature trees). Three of the spear leaves do not open. There is basidiocarp of ganoderma. The production decreased. Every leaf is easy to fall down, dry, and hangs in the tree. The net in the trees is broken. The tree is easy to fall down too.

Many thought that ganoderm could not be solved because it fast attacks. But PKT has anticiapted and has solution to the attack of ganoderm through the deep researches since many years ago.

The vaccine of the fungus is the highest tech generation and environmental that the rotten base stem could be solved.

The right control of ganoderm attack could be solved by using the natural and environmental control and it starts by analyzing the soil and disease to know the quality of the soil, determining the nutrients and physical characteristic of the soil fast and accurately, and what kinds of ganoderm it is.

The test result could be used as the recommendation of fertilization and control the disease efficiently.

If the soil is not good, it needs to be improved in the first place by using the stable and organic fertilizer, such as, MOAF®.

Applying MOAF® is important because it would not damage the soil, would balance the ecosystem, help the microorganism in the soil to grow and increase the production.

Besides the fertilizer could add the macro and micro nutrient, hormone, and enzyme for the plantation to increase the production optimally and it is very helpful to grow the trees during the recovery and control process.

Then it needs to apply natural and environmental control by using CHIPS® 2.1 and CHIPS® 2.2, which function to control the ganoderm attack and recover the trees.

The best strategy to control ganoderm is by the integrated control that PKT has suggested, that is by using MOAF® and CHIPS® which are formulated based on what the plantations need of (for more, please contact (+62) 821-2000-6888 /


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