Ministry of Agriculture Supports the Millennial Generation to Join Agriculture Industry 4.0

Ministry of Agriculture Supports the Millennial Generation to Join Agriculture Industry 4.0

InfoSAWIT, SENTUL – Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia is ready to join industry revolution 4,0 to support the modernization of agriculture and the millennial generation in agricultural sector. Kinds of policies which have been prepared could support the efficiency and productivity in agriculture to increase the competition and the welfare of the smallholders (farmers).

“The agricultural sector has been in industry 4.0 which is known as the new chapters, such as, the publication of KATAM, SI MANTAP, Smart Farming, Smart Green House, Autonomous Tractor, and Smart Irrigation, " Prof. DR.Ir. Dedi Nursyamsi,M.Agr., as the Expert Staff of Minister in Agricultural Infrastructure, said.

He mentioned it in the Bincang Asyik Pertanian which was in cooperation with Forum Wartawan Pertanian (FORWATAN) and Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia within the theme, "Mendorong Modernisasi dan Regenerasi Pertanian di Era Revolusi Industri," in Sentul City, West Java, Monday (18/3/ 2019).

There were the other speakers, such as, DR. Farid Bahar (the expert of Minister of Agriculture of Indonesia) and DR.Riyanto (Economist of Universitas Indonesia).

Dedi Nursyamsi also said that the technology development is extraordinary for it has come to 4.0 which has extraordinary influence to the goods and service products. Furthermore the internet and information tech have become parts of mankind in the daily lives.

So Ministry of Agriculture is ready to join the industry revolution 4.0 through many kinds of applications and policies. There are kinds of technology introduced to help the smallholders (farmers) to ease them. For example, Sipotandi which is the application using high resolution satellite image to know the standing crop.

Dedi also gave example that the paddy fields in West Java Province which could be more than 1 million hectares could be known and seen, where would be harvested or where they are. It is also to know where the paddy field to plant or not planted yet.

The other is the KATAM (Kalender Tanam) application. It is to know when to plant, what fertilizer is needed and the usage of variety. “It is recommended not only in the district but also in the subdistrict and village levels,” Dedi said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

The other is the Si Mantap application that PT Jasindo uses to back up the agricultural insurance. He explained that the insurance could detect the dry and flood risks and the pest organisms.

“The applications that Ministry of Agriculture has prepared also facilitated the young generations to work in agriculture,” he said.

DR. Farid Bahar also mentioned that what Minister of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman has done should be appreciated by publishing the policies which are pro the smallholders (farmers). When there is idea to do import, Minister Amran tries to block the import.

“It is bad for them (smallholders/farmers) when they would harvest but the import runs. It would make the buying price cheaper. But what happened is that many blamed Ministry of Agriculture while the other ministry decided the import,” Farid said.

That is why Farid asked that Ministry of Economy should be reinforced to avoid the issue about food import. There would be no more accusation and inconsistency among the related ministry.

Economist of Universitas Indonesia, DR. Riyanto said that the technology 4.0 implementation in agricultural sector is very good for the consumers and the smallholders (farmers) to the distribution.

“In this case, Ministry of Agriculture needs to facilitate industry 4.0 through the regulation. As the result, there would be law enforcement for the stakeholders (businessmen) and the millennial generation,” Riyanto said.

He also mentioned that if we are not in the industry 4.0, there would be lack of food to support multiplier effects from the upstream to downstream in agricultural sector. (T1)


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