The Perspective of the Media about Palm Oil Should be Improved

The Perspective of the Media about Palm Oil Should be Improved

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The members of Dewan Pers, Agus Sudibyo noticed that the perspective of many medias in Indonesia to manage the national interests should be improved.

“Compared to neighborhood country, such as, Thailand, they are more well-prepared to write the news when something happens in their domestic. It is undeniable that the press is free to broadcast or to write without denying the facts. But it needs to consider the impacts to the public prosperity, the same poverty, welfare, and human rights,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

So last week, Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia (PWI) did seminar to take every journalist, cooperate, and collaborate with the stakeholders – represented by Indonesia Palm Oil Association – as the long term and strategic plans. As same as the mission, PWI plays the strategic role to support and increase the economy in Indonesia. It does too with the palm oil industries for giving lots of contribution to the people and the country.

The same undertanding between both sides is the same key to go forward. The media and the journalists understand the industries and in the reverse, the industries understand the roles of press to develop Indonesia. (T2)


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