The Protection for the Smallholders and Moratorium

The Protection for the Smallholders and Moratorium

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - The cheap fresh fruit bunch (FFB) in the last months makes the smallholders pressed. This could make them worse namely if they could not cultivate theirs well. It is potential too that they sell their areas.

According to General Secretary of Serika Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS), Mansuetos Darto, this could be the same with some years ago.

He thought, the peak happened in August and September. The FFB was about Rp 80 – 200/kg and the plasma’s was about Rp 500/kg. “Every smallholder was hit by making demonstration in palm oil centres. The smallholders’ children who studied in the university should go back to their home for the smallholders were difficult to buy daily needs,” he said.

The country finally subsidized the factory to be more stable and actively buy the smallholders’ harvest. But it was not the right decision for the FFB got cheaper. “They did not harvest anymore and the fruit got rotten and others. Some of them even burned it,” Darto said.

He also mentioned that the stakeholders should know the conditions of the smallholders from two sides. The first is that they are the smallholders who cultivate and do the business for the world and big scale companies.

This makes them have responsibilities in the plantation and industries. In every plantation regulation, the government published licenses and operational areas because the government thought that there would be people involved in it and get the advantages.

The second perspective is the smallholders are the citizens who need protection to their business, their knowledge should be developed and empowered to welfare them based on the Constitutional 1945.

The two perspectives, he continued, described that the smallholders are parts of businessmen who should have good relationship with the big scale stakeholders and the country should protect and empower their business.(T2)

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