Palm Oil Centers May not Know Moratorium

Palm Oil Centers May not Know Moratorium

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Vice Regent of MusiBanyuasin, BeniHernendi said that many do not know palm oil moratorium still. What the regional government understands is that there are instructions to postpone new plantings and to evaluate the plantations to increase the productivity. 

“Palm oil has been developing in MusiBanyuasin since 25 years ago. We lead this region for about 7 years. So there is no more licenses to publish to palm oil plantation but now the moratorium is published for 3 years,” he said.

MusiBanyuasin now orients to increase the people’s productivity. In the recent days, the smallholders’ plantations did replanting program within the fund support from Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) stretching about 4.460 hectares. “The program still covers 900 hectares by cutting and replanting it. It is planned, it would be done up to 6000 hectares,” he said.

He also mentioned that the regional government should do socialization to succeed the program. In addition, the moratorium is the good moment for the regional government to improve the cultivation. “In this region, about 50 palm oil plantation companies, the people and civil organization discussed about productivity and sustainability,” he said.

Beni also told that the discussion raised suggestion and evaluation. The replanting program is not easy to do, because the regional government could not solve every issue in every place in the region. There are certain places where the central government is responsible on, such as, the forest.(T2)


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