Sawit untuk Masa Depan Indonesia Needs Synergy from the Government and The Privates

Sawit untuk Masa Depan Indonesia Needs Synergy from the Government and The Privates

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm oil plantation industrial development is not running well always because it faces the trade barriers in the global markets.

But it keeps developing. Besides having big contribution for the exchange, it also relates to many men who depend on palm oil sector.

Vice President of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla told that palm oil is one potential of natural resource that could be developed to make Indonesia go better. But it would not be realized if there is no synergy between the government and the privates namely to increase the exports, productivity, development of science and technology.

He also said that what to notice is when the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) is cheaper because the smallholders would get the effect. “To solve this issue, there should be enterpreneurs who master the technology and could be in synergy with the government,” Jusuf Kalla said when giving speech in the award of Indonesia Maju 2018-2019 in Jakarta, Monday (8/4/2019) in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

In the event, Jusuf Kalla also gave award of Anugerah Indonesia Maju within the category Asosiasi Merah Putih to Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) as the association that plays its role as motor, accelerator, and innovator to fight for palm oil as the national commodity in the global markets.

Chairman of IPOA, Joko Supriyono said that what IPOA together with the smallholders and the government to make palm oil industries in Inodnesia go forward would keep running namely to fight for the discriminatory and negative campaigns,

For information, the judging in the award were done through series of research and selection. The qualitative research (desk research), monitoring media and the judges were Suryopratomo (press); Rhenald Kasali (academy/economist); and Tjipta Lesmana (academy/politic expert).

“The awards were given to the figures or institution which have vision and commitment to make Indonesia develop more through their visions,” a judge, Suryapratomo told.

Besides IPOA, some ministers also got the award in Anugerah Indonesia Maju, such as, Minister of Fishery and Maritime, Minister of Enterprises, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, and Minister of Finance. (T2)


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