The Palm Oil Biodiesel Needs in 2019 Could be 6 million tons/Year

The Palm Oil Biodiesel Needs in 2019 Could be 6 million tons/Year

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - It is predicted that in 2019 the biodiesel needs would be up to 6 million tons per year. So the average needs would be 500 thousand tons per month.  This would increase the needs of its material, that is, crude palm oil (CPO). The domestic market would support the palm oil plantation development nationally.

Though some may reject the B20 usage, but the program of the government keeps running in many ways, such as, by supplying the sustainable stocks to PT. Pertamina in the form of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) to be mixed to diesel reaching up to 20% nationally. For information, the diesel needs reach 34 kiloliters (kl) in every single year.

Those who reject B20 program are from the public transportations. It has been running since 2016. They said that the B20 program damages their vehicles. In the reverse, the ship associations nationally have used biodiesel up to 50%. The increasing needs of biodiesel usage are the big chances.

Some may get loss of profits because biodiesel usage really decreases the fuel imports nationally which the government has run. But to support its stock, the domestic markets would keep expanding too.

The government of Indonesia is always consistent to vegetable fuel usage, namely biodiesel. It is planned that in this year, the biodiesel mixture would increase up to 30%. The CPO markets would develop in the domestic. It means that the CPO export would decrease.

The last situation is that Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, and Asosiasi Produsen Biofuel Indonesia APROBI once visited Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) to realize the green gasoline. On the other hand, the government has tested the B30 usage that could be realized in August 2019.

“Please, support the government to accelerate the B30 usage in the domestic so that palm oil could be used to some interests nationally,” Chairman of APROBI, M.P. Tumanggor said in the early of |January 2019. (T1)


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