Awareness of Soil Condition Saves the Palm oil from Ganoderma

Awareness of Soil Condition Saves the Palm oil from Ganoderma

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Chemical agroinput usage continuously could be bad for the ecosystem and the conservation in the soil would be drastically decreasing, including the natural enemy, Ganoderma.

From this, the infection potential of ganoderma would be more active and the awareness to make the soil better again is important to do immediately.

Many planters assumed that this is difficult to control because it attacks fast. This perspective would make different way to the patogene, including to what would be done to control. These make many fail to control the patogene and overwhelmed to get the right solution.

We basically should know exactly the identity of the patogene. Deeper knowledge about ganoderm – how it survives, infects other plantations, kinds of ganoderm, and the mother plantation – would give the right leads to get its power and weakness and handle the patogene well.

The planters should change their behavior to the soil, such as, not only control the ganoderm with natural control, but should change and substitute the chemical fertilizer to the stabile, organic, and qualified one, such as, MOAF®.

It means that in the long period, the soil would be more fertile, the nutrient absorption would be better, and the disease would be decreasing because of the rising conservation.

Every practitioner must want that their plantations are free from the pest and disease. There are some things to do to prevent ganoderm, such as,

Stop using chemical agroinput that could kill the natural enemy of ganoderm.

Improve the structure of fertility, the acidity of the soil and return the balance of natural ecosystem by giving stable, qualified, and organic fertilizer, such as, MOAF®  to press the infection process of ganoderm in the soil.

Use the natural control by advantaging the right microorganism, such as, CHIPS® (not Trichoderma only). For more information, please access: / Telp: (+62) 821-2000-6888.


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