Minister of Agriculture: Palm oil Biodiesel Sawit Could Save Billions of Rupiah

Minister of Agriculture: Palm oil Biodiesel Sawit Could Save Billions of Rupiah

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – To answer the global challenges to the environmental renewable energy through the agricultural product usage, Ministry of Agriculture launched the first trial of biodiesel 100% (B100) in the office of Ministry of Agriculture, Jalan Ragunan, Jakarta Selatan, Monday (15/4/2019).

"This is the our future energy and for the world to answer the needs,” Ministry of Agriculture, Andi Amran Sulaiman said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He said that the renewable energy is something to be developed to fulfill the local and international needs. So it needs the alternative energy to substitute fossil fuel, such as, biodiesel.

B20 production in 2018 could be about 6,01 million kiloliters. The numbers significantly increased compared to last year production reaching 3,30 million kiloliters.

But Amran continued, biodiesel development is strategic issue to be discussed by the world. For now Indonesia succeeds to develop B20 and B30. Then Indonesia is successful to produce B100.

Palm oil biodiesel development is better than it in neighborhood country, Malaysia. Malaysia just mixed biodiesel 7% (B7) and would mix B10. He thought, this is a very good achievement. “Furthermore B100 would save the exchange and diesel,” he said.

According to Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the diesel needs nationally reached about 31,19 million kiloliters. The domestic production reached about 20,8 million kiloliters nationally. Indonesia needs to import about 10,89 million kiloliters or equal to Rp 157,44 billion.

"To cover the diesel import, we need to produce B100 or eqaul to 14,14 million kiloliters or equal to Rp 115,38 billion. It means that if we could cover the diesel import by developing palm oil biodiesel. There would be exchange safe up to about Rp 42 billion per year," he said.

For information, the basic material of this energy is crude palm oil (CPO). The CPO production reached about 41,6 million tons while the CPO exports reached about 34 million tons or equal to Rp 270 billion. 

B100 is the fuel directly used to the diesel engine without mixing it to the diesel. “Ministry of Agriculture itself has tried many things and succeeded to make the seventh multi-function biodiesel reactor that could process 1.600 liter of fuel per day,” Amran said. (T2)


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