The Big Potential to Develop Palm Oil Biomass Industries

The Big Potential to Develop Palm Oil Biomass Industries

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Palm oil plantation industries develop for more than one century nationally. This becomes the main capital to provide the material of vegetable oil. As part of the world commodity, palm oil is the mainstay one.

By the best and sustainable practices, palm oil deriving from the plantations nationally is also processed in the palm oil factories around the plantations. The plantations need the factories to maintain the ingredients of free fatty acids (FFA) so that it is not more than 5%.

The FFA ingredients not more than 5% is regulated internationally if the vegetable oil is used as oil food to consumption because it derives from vegetable oil which should be kosher for many people.

Through the two superiorities, the global world consumes vegetable oil and it increases in every year. In 2010, the palm oil as cooking oil also increased its usage as non – food oil.

So palm oil is popular very fast and puts soybean oil aside as the king of vegetable oil in the world. As the biggest vegetable oil that the world consumes, palm oil is wanted in the world markets.

As the world demands increase, the side products processed in the factories also significantly increase. The increasing side products are the capitals too to strengthen palm oil industries nationally because they could be made into many biomass products.  (Kris Hadisoebroto/Dewan Redaksi InfoSAWIT)


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