In Netherland, Indonesia Claimed to have Fair Trade.

In Netherland, Indonesia Claimed to have Fair Trade.

InfoSAWIT, LONDON – In a discussion among some members of Foreign Trade Ministry Committee in Netherland Parliament, the Ambassador of Indonesia to Netherland, I Gusti A. Wesaka Puja told that it is important to have fair trade in palm oil in Europe. It was to increase the potential and chance of economic cooperation in Netherland and the partners, including Indonesia.

The Ambassador of Canada to Netherland, the Ambassador of German to Netherland, and KUAI of Brazil in Netherland, Foreign Trade Committee of Netherland Parliament represented by R de Roon (Freedom Party), Mustafa Amhaouch (Partai Kristen Demokrat), A Bouali (Partai Demokrat 66) and W.R. van Haga (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy/VVD) attended the discussion.

The First Secretary of Economic Function, Indonesian Embassy in Den Haag, Nur Evi Rahmawati said that the Ambassador told the issue relating to the palm oil ban which is categorized as the unsustainable vegetable oil in European Union which in the end, palm oil would be phasing out for biofuel in 2030.

The fair trade to palm oil among other kinds of vegetable oil, Puja thought, would be the support to open free trade principles, ruled – based, fair, inclusive, and based on sustainable development principles.

As quoted from Antara, Puja also emphasized that palm oil has very important economic role in Indonesia. It is significantly contribute to realize the target of Sustainable Development Goals, poverty alleviation, increase the access to education, and employment. There are more than 17 million citizens of Indonesia directly and indirectly depending on palm oil.

The government of Indonesia focuses not only the economic aspect, but also the environment and natural conservation, including the moratorium, to increase the quality of seeds to have sustainability, and productivity, namely for the smallholders. From the trade aspect, palm oil is important for the exports from Indonesia and also Netherland. It dominates more than 20% of exports to Netherland.(T2)


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