Hope that Palm oil Green Diesel Could be Commercial in April 2019

Prof. Tatang Hernas, Chairman of IKABI
Hope that Palm oil Green Diesel Could be Commercial in April 2019

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - In the second week of December 2018, PT. Pertamina did trial to make green gasoline by mixing gasoline and bio hydrocarbon directly in its factory in Plaju. The trial was running up to 70%. The result was that 7,5% of bio hydrocarbon could be mixed to gasoline and the octane could reach 90.

Until now PT. Pertamina is searching the material from other kinds of vegetable oil so that the diesel could be mixed up to 15%. It is planned that in March and April 2019 the government would commercially sell it to the people.

There are lots of technologies in the world to mix vegetable oil and diesel and it could be immediately realized. The fatty acid in vegetable oil could be conversed to be bio hydrocarbon which is useful as the vegetable fuel.

The next process is that bio hydrocarbon could be conversed through hydro oxygenation or decarboxylation of the alkaline soap to produce green diesel. Within about the same process, the laurat fatty acid could be conversed to produce bio avtur as the vegetable fuel for the plane.

Bio gasoline is produced by separating the oil catalyst or fatty acid through pyrolysis of the alkaline soap.

For description, the needs of fuel reach about 4,6 million tons or about 700 – 750 barrel per day. If it is seriously implemented, the government could produce vegetable fuel up to 800 thousand barrel per day.

The massive needs of bio hydrocarbon should be followed by consistent stocks of material. That is why, through Ministry of Trade, the government is arranging the industrial roadmap of vegetable oil – based. (Tatang Hernas, Chairman of Ikatan Ahli Bioenergi Indonesia - IKABI)


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