PT TSL: The Derivatives Reached Rp 87,1 Billion

PT TSL: The Derivatives Reached Rp 87,1 Billion

InfoSAWIT, MAMUJU – The palm oil derivative products from Sulawesi were officially exported. Head of Badan Karantina Pertanian (Barantan), Ali Jamil said that his side would always support the exports because it is the same accelerating program with Ministry of Agriculture.

In the official statement, he said that the agricultural products are always advantaged to fry in the instant noodle industry, potato chips, donout, and other fast food. RBD Palm Olein is also used as the margarine and white margarine or shortening.

“We really support the downstreaming products from the agriculture to provide the additional values for the stakeholders and the smallholders,” he said.

Head of Karantina Pertanian, District of Mamuju, Akhmad Faraby when inaugurating the export with other officials of Agricultural Agency, District of Pasangkayu told that the exported agricultural products to China reached about 12.000 tons or equal to Rp 87,1 billion. "In March – April 2019, the owner, PT Tanjung Sarana Lestari (TSL) have exporeted those for six times,” he said.

As the commodity that should pass carantene, his officers should guarantee the products and should be safe to the conditions in the goal country. Phyosanitary certificate  (PC) would be put in the products to be exported in the global markets.

"We always run ‘Program Agro Gemilang’ through the carantene unit in every region in Indonesia,” Jamil said. (T2)


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