Necessary to Introduce Sustainable Palm Oil in EU

Necessary to Introduce Sustainable Palm Oil in EU

InfoSAWIT, LONDON – In a research done by University of Cambridge about the awareness of England society about certified sustainable palm oil, it is found that 77% of them are aware of palm oil. 41% of them are aware of that palm oil is as unsustainable product.

But hardly no one of them is aware of the label of sustainable palm oil certificate, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which means that palm oil is sustainably produced.

“In the confession label versus action, 82% of them admitted fair trade label but 29% actively bought the fair trade products,” Rosemary Ostfeld, the leader of the research said.

Ostfeld also mentioned that only 5% of them confessed the RSPO label.

As quoted from, the less confession about RSPO label may happen for its rare usage done by the consumer and retailer companies in England. (T2)


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