EU Attacks Palm Oil for It is the Most Efficient One

EU Attacks Palm Oil for It is the Most Efficient One

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – It is reasonable why European Union make discriminatory to palm oil. Staff Expert of Minister in Agricultural Infrastructure, Ministry of Agriculture, Prof. Dedi Nursyamsi said that it happens for palm oil has the highest productivity of all kinds of vegetable oil and could be source of environmental source of energy.

“Palm oil is attacked because it has kinds of superiority which others do not have. It is only about trade issue,” he said in the spare time of Diskusi Forum Wartawan Pertanian within the theme "Program Serasi Meningkatkan Produktivitas" in the hall of PIA, Ministry of Agriculture, Wednesday (24/4/2019).

He also mentioned that Indonesia is as the biggest palm oil producer in the world and the pressure about it would increase more. “As a matter of fact, palm oil in the peat is less than 10%. Why are the narrow areas debated still?’” he said. (T2)


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