Palm Oil Batik: Maintain the Ancestor Heritage and Environment

Palm Oil Batik: Maintain the Ancestor Heritage and Environment

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Making batik famously known in Indonesia is the process of crafting process of the national culture. It is normal if batik becomes one heritage of culture in the world which the global society knows. One application and mostly used by the global including Indonesia is batik fabric or batik cloth which was produced by making batik.

If years ago, the process of making batik using ‘lilin malam’ in crude oil – base or wax parafin, now making batik could use ‘malam’ in palm oil – base or known as bio wax parafin, which has the same quality like a palm oil researcher did, Indra Budi Susetyo of BPPT.

‘Lilin malam’ which is used as the color obstacle in the sheet is the characteristic in batik fabric so it is different from other textile. ‘Lilin malam’ itself could only be got by the production process using paraffin.

Indra Budi thought, making batik as the cultural heritage national is often thought as the continuous culture that some of the citizens of Indonesia could do. Making batik is the production process of good art. Not everyone could do it but the most important thing is ‘malam’ is available as the material to make batik.

“The process of making batik would not be there if there is no material, such as, ‘malam’,” he recently said.

He also thought, making batik has something to do with the craft tradition of one region, such as, Yogyakarta, Solo, and Pekalongan. The people in the batik centers have their custom to make batik based on their tradition. It is predicted that the batik artists may be only 900 thousand men. (T1)


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