Six Issues about Labors in Palm Oil Plantation

Six Issues about Labors in Palm Oil Plantation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Besides the environment, palm oil industries face other issues, such as, the labors. Many sides start focusing this.

Head of Labors, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Sumarjono Saragih said that at least, there are six issues about the labors in palm oil plantations. The first is that about the status of labors; the second is about industrial social relationship dialogue. About this, there are many assumptions from the labors saying that they are difficult to get freedom to make union in palm oil plantation industries.

The third is about the implementation of health and work safety. This issue is not in palm oil plantation only but others. The fourth is about the child labors. Sumarjono said that this issue keeps developing though the regulation clearly regulates that it is forbidden to hire the children. “It is clearly regulated and we make sure, there is no child labors,” he who is also the Chairman of Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia (Apindo) of South Sumatera said in the International Labour On Palm Oil Conference (ILO POC) 2019 in Jakarta where InfoSAWIT did attend, Friday (26/4/2019).

The fifth is about salary. It is assumed that the salary is so cheap in palm oil plantation. It is not the same with the burden of work and the target to get. The result is that the salary is not the same with provincial minimum salary though it is regulated.

The sixth is the monitoring of the government. It needs to develop the awareness so that the labors in palm oil plantations get better when working and could avoid the accident. (T2)


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