May Day, Palm Oil Labors Claim 7 to the Government

May Day, Palm Oil Labors Claim 7 to the Government

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Millions of palm oil plantation labors in every single day within their targets of work should fight for the sunlight and storm within their hands so that we can use the daily products from the derivative palm oil. Every food and cosmetic product that we use in our daily lives is from palm oil. By the Mayday 2019, Koalisi Buruh Sawit claimed to improve the governance in palm oil plantation within welfare and fair principles.

In the release to InfoSAWIT, there are 7 claims of the coalition to get their welfare in palm oil sector, such as, the first, protest to the government to protect them by publishing special regulation about their rights fairly and orients to their welfare, not only the minimum payment.

The second, claim to the government to supervise the regulations about the labors in palm oil plantation and take action the companies which are proven to violate the rights of labors and disobey the agreement made by the company and the union.

The third, urge the government to revise the mechanism of supervision of the labors, namely in palm oil plantation where the unique criteria runs and wide perception.

The fourth, support the government of Indonesia to ratify the International Labor Organization (ILO) No. 110 / 1958 about Plantation and ILO No. 184 / 2001 about Health and Work Safety in the plantation.

The fifth, claim to the financial institutions to adopt and implement the principles of Good Governance & Social Responsibility by not giving loan to palm oil companies which do not fulfill the rights of the labors and furthermore, claim to the financial institutions to support palm oil debtors to adopt and implementations the principles as the conditions to make partnership.

The sixth, urge the companies in Indonesia to obey the regulations about labors and the regulation from external authorities, such as, RSPO, ISPO, FPIC, and others.

And the seventh, urge the companies to take the unions when making the regulations about labors through the official forums, such as, bipartite, tripartite and blast every action of vanishing unions within every modus operandi. (T2)


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