Rejection to Biodiesel Program Still Exist

Rejection to Biodiesel Program Still Exist

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The fuel usage in palm oil – base or famously known as biodiesel actually has been introduced since 2006. It started from B 5, B 7,  B 10, B 15.  Since September 2018 the B 20 (the mixture of Fame to diesel about 20%) has been running. In the time, the usage to PSO and Non-PSO was differentiate. But since January 2019 there is no more differentiation.

The capacity of biodiesel production could be about 12 milion kilo liter. In this 2019 the diesel in Indonesia could be reaching 34 million kilo liter. If it is minor 20%, the biodiesel needs could be 6,8 million kilo liter.

What is weird is that some still rejects B20 usage. Chairman of Asosiasi Produsen Biofuel Indonesia (Aprobi), MP Tumanggor gave example about the public transportation though it runs since 2016.

“In the previous, the truck association protested it though it runs since 2016. They protested it because their engine is broken. We assumed that somebody could influence them to disagree B20,” he said in a discussion Sawit Bagi Negeri that InfoSAWIT did in the early of this year.

Tumanggor admitted that there would be loss for some parts for the decreasing imports but the ship associations said that they have used it up to B50. Other association would claim PT Pertamina because of B20 damaging their ships.

“Green fuel is the same with moratorium to answer and respond European Union to palm oil industries. I do hope, KSP told this the President,” he said. (T1)


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