Not Based on ISPO, 7 Certificates Are Postponed

Not Based on ISPO, 7 Certificates Are Postponed

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The success of Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) implementation up to March 2019 was that 722 planters fulfilled the regulation of Ministry of Agriculture No.11 / 2015 about ISPO Certification System which consists of 707 companies, 11 KUD/KSU Plasma Plantation, 1 Bumdes, and 3 Koperasi/Asosiasi Kebun and as a matter of fact, by March 2019 there were 7 ISPO certificates postponed.

Chairman of ISPO Secretariat, Azis Hidayat said that it happened for the Surat Pengajuan Kelengkapan Dokumen (SPKD) is facing some incomplete issues.

He thought, the postponement usually happens for the rights of the land is in the form of surat keterangan tanah (SKT), the prolongment of business rights is not published yet, the license of forest release is not either, the development of people’s plantation does not cover 20%, the conflict areas is not finished, the supplier has not got ISPO certificate yet.

“The change of plantation business license is not published yet, the license of wasting dangerous toxic is not either, the license to advantage the liquid waste is in process, the salary of the labors does not follow the rule,” he said in a discussion in Jakarta where  InfoSAWIT did attend. (T2)


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