Labors Union Reported 3 Palm oil Plantations of Sinar Mas to RSPO

Labors Union Reported 3 Palm oil Plantations of  Sinar Mas to RSPO

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Chairman of Federasi Serikat Pekerja Metal Indonesia(F-SPMI) Selabuhanbatu Raya, Daniel Marbun said that since it was founded in 2018 F-SPMI in the plantations of Sinar Mas in Labuhan Batu, North Sumatera always has issues. He thought that the company would accept the SPMI. “We are cool about this,” he recently said.

But in February 2019, many coordinators in SPMI should work in other plantations by unreasonable excuse. Its peak was in April 2019. The bonus of the coordinators and members of SPMI was in discriminatory. “This is the reason why we sent official letters to Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO),” he said.

He continued that this would not happen. Furthermore the labors tried to make communication and negotiation to the company. But it was dead end. “They challenged us to take this case and they are ready for it. They did not want to make bipartite negotiation and should take it to the trial,” he said.

He hoped that the company could give them bonus without discriminatory and the union in the company could be voluntarily admitted and the rights of female labors should be paid as it is regulated.

In the report to RSPO on 22 April 2019, there were 6 claims to 3 palm oil plantation companies managed by Sinar Mas, such as, about the discriminatory to the Union Labors; the second about work self-protection tools.

The third is about the realization of labors’ salary slips. “Many labors do not get salary slips,” he said. the fourth is the force to work in holidays. “The female labors who work to cut the seeds should cut the grass around the trees in the first place and then pick up the seeds,” Daniel said. (T2)


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