Supporting the Independence of Planters

Supporting the Independence of Planters

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –They are the smallholders who are nationally famous to have good lives by cultivating their plantations. Compared to the other planters, the smallholders could have better income in general though few of them are still worried because of the cheap fresh fruit bunch.

The good income from cultivating palm oil plantations, of course, becomes an interesting issue for the others to join and do the same. If there is a palm oil plantation developed in one remote area, the people themselves would develop the same too.

In the early of 200s, many palm oil plantations were developed in remote areas by the companies. In the same time, the people did too. The people’s wide plantations are the next interests for the investors to construct palm oil factories without having plantations.

Many Indonesian people have got the good profits of doing palm oil business for more than one century ever since it was commercially developed nationally. It needs to maintain the region well as the source of lives by increasing the cultivation practices.

In general the plantation or agricultural business needs the areas (region) as the main capital to be developed. It needs good human resources to cultivate based on the kinds and characteristic of the plantation.

Some people who still have limits of lives in the remote areas are the big capital too for the country to manage the natural resources. But it needs partisanship from the government to help them to increase the way of cultivation.

Actually the independence of the people would come as it goes if they have done the best cultivation practices which would be useful to get their own welfare.


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