Un-reveal the Data Access of BL, The Government is Protested

Un-reveal the Data Access of BL, The Government is Protested

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR –Coordinator Ministry in Economy through Deputy in Food and Agriculture Coordination published Circular Documents to Indonesian Palm Oil Board (IPOB), Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) and leaders of palm oil companies. There are two subjects in the circular documents to discuss, they are, the first, except the data of Business License (BL) as the data that the public could access, and the second, those parties mentioned above should not have initiative to agree with other sides (consultant, NGO, multilateral agency, and foreigners) to give data and information about palm oil.

Executive Director of Sawit Watch, Inda Fatinaware questioned the circular that Deputy in Food and Agriculture Coordination and Coordinator Ministry in Economy published.

She said that there is no reason for the government to publish it and aim it to IPOB, IPOA, and other palm oil plantation companies. The data of BL are the data that the public could access and in some occasions, when claiming the BL data, the court sentenced that the BL could be accessed (as in the sentence of Supreme Court No. 121 K/TUN/2017).

“How could a deputy published a document that except BL as the data for the public to get access? It is a setback and may mean that a deputy has high authority and interprets the contents of regulation is BL data is exception for the public. What really happens?” she said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

She also mentioned that when the government is highly committed to sustainable palm oil plantation, it should not be done. The sustainability aspect in palm oil system is not about the good management and others but it has something to do with transparency.

“Are we committed to sustainability while the BL data which relates to the basic information could not be accessed? Would the people know if land where they live is not part of companies’ BL or not part of forest? It is not a secret anymore that one palm oil operates, the people’s land could be claimed as part of BL or forestry region which is in BL. Many companies also operate out of the published BL,” she said.

Closing the BL data means there would be parts to get loss, such as, the first, the people who do not know and would be got away from their ancestors’ land because the companies may claim theirs.

The second, the country would loss the income from the land which is not listed in BL and there would be environmental damages and the loss of diversity because of BL out of license.

“The government needs to know this clearly. When the BL data is not published to the public, sustainable palm oil plantation could not be realized,” Inda said. (T2)


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