Positive Campaign in Palm Oil by Beli Yang Baik

Sustainable Palm Oil Program Manager WWF Indonesia, Joko Sarjito
 Positive Campaign in Palm Oil by Beli Yang Baik

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –The global society plays important role to sustainable palm oil needs which the non – government organizations do internationally and nationally. Though they may accused and pressed the producers nationally and globally, the NGOs are needed as parts of free promotions to introduce palm oil continuously.

The NGOs also help to tell that some palm oil producers have produced sustainable palm oil. For instance, WWF Indonesia. It has positive campaign in palm oil by saying to the people to buy the good palm oil.

“WWF Indonesia keeps supporting every improvement that has been done to produce sustainable palm oil,” Sustainable Palm Oil Program Manager WWF Indonesia, Joko Sarjito said in the Diskusi Sawit Berkelanjutan Vol. 2that InfoSAWIT run, Thursday (9/5/2019) in Jakarta.

Palm oil business itself is in fluctuation about the selling price in the global markets. Though it tends to be cheaper, but the business has good future to do because it is a prospect for the material of vegetable oil, such as, biodiesel and liquid one.

The markets to sell vegetable fuel in Indonesia would increase the domestic consumption nationally as same as the increasing downstream industries globally where the material is from palm oil plantations in Indonesia. There are exports too that could boost the exchange of the country from the palm oil trades.

To make sure that every economic, social, and environmental progress is realized, it needs the same collaboration to make palm oil business sustainable. The success of the sustainable palm oil business is not only in the production but also the role of the global and domestic consumption to use the good palm oil or minyak sawit yang baik. (T1)


About Sustainable Palm Oil Discussion

The discussion about Sustainable Palm Oil  was done by Majalah InfoSAWIT within the support of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and other stakeholders to inform to the public about the existence of palm oil in Indonesia. For the people could have misinformation, the Sustainable Palm Oil Discussion or Diskusi Sawit Berkelanjutanwas done to fulfill the good, accurate, trustable information to the people, including to the stakeholders, and the government as the same good understanding and lesson to be told.

Diskusi Sawit Berkelanjutan was fully supported by national,


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