Minister of Trade Supported the Palm Oil Research Cooperation with Liechtenstein

Minister of Trade Supported the Palm Oil Research Cooperation with Liechtenstein

InfoSAWIT, VADUZ – Minister of Trade, Enggartiasto Lukita said that Indonesia and the countries of EFTA (European Free Trade Agreement), including Liechtenstein, signed the IECEPA on 16 December 2018. “Indonesia and Liechtenstein are committed to keep increasing the trade and investment cooperation,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

In the visit, Enggartiasto was accompanied by the Ambassador of Indonesia for Swiss and Liechtenstein, Muliaman Hadad; General Director of International Trade Negotiation, Iman Pambagyo; and Staff of Ministry of Trade in International Trade Strategic Issues, Lili Yan Ing.

In the meeting, Minister of Trade also proposed that it needs to ake special research cooperation for palm oil and the student and skill exchanges. Enggar told that Indonesia takes Liechtenstein to invest in Indonesia, namely in infrastructure and sustainable renewable energy. "Within the commitment in sustainable energy, high technology, and economy, Liechtenstein could be one strategic business partner for Indonesia to develop the infrastructure and sustainable energy in Indonesia,” he said.

For information, in 2018 the total trade between both countries reached US$ 2,11 billion. It significantly increased from the previous year which reached US$ 150 million. The main export products from Indonesia toLiechtensteinwere jewelry, contact lens, gold, coal, and women dress.(T2)


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