Governor of Riau: Do SRP by Intercrops

Governor of Riau: Do SRP by Intercrops

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Governor of Riau,H. Syamsuar supported the smallholders Riau whose plantations are not productive anymore to do smallholders’ replanting program (SRP).

In addition, theirs, namely in District of Siak should be in SRP. But many of them do not want to do it because it would reduce the income.

But H Syamsuarensured the SRP has many advantages because it could increase the productivity and the income. In the first days of planting and not reduce the income, he suggested to do intercrops within the agricultural commodity, such as, gogo paddy or corn. “It would be the source of food for the smallholders as long as the palm oil is immature,” he said in an event in Siak where InfoSAWIT attended.

He also mentioned that lots of the smallholders have debts in the banks and this hits the administration to run SRP.(T2)


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