Deforestation Indication about New Planting in Buol

Deforestation Indication about New Planting in Buol

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Yosi of MadaniBerkelanjutan said that when palm oil moratorium runs, there are some companies which do not obey the regulation.

Yosi gave example from the deep research and result of forest release for PT. HIP in District of Buol, Central Sulawesi. “Some findings about the spatial analysis are the forests may be productive one within many trees.,” Yosi said.

Yosi also mentioned that PT HIP might do illegal deforestation. They did new planting before the forest release is published. “It is even planted out of the location license and in the forest region. Some plantations of the company have been planted beside the river,” Yosi said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Sunday (19/5/2019).

Regent of Buol, AmirudinRauf said that his side has informed the case (forest release) to Ministry of Environment and Forestry. “The point is that there is no plantation activity in our forests,” he said.

He also mentioned, referring to Strategic Environment Study or KajianLingkunganHidupStrategis (KLHS), it is explained that the forests in Buolshould not be cultivated anymore. “If it is done, this would be the loss for thousand villagers because their paddy fields about 5.000 hectares would get dry,” he said.

But by the publication of Ministry of Environment and Forestry about the forest release to PT. HIP, he thought that it is not a partisanship to Buol. “I know that palm oil plantations in Buol has more trouble than the benefits,” he said.(T2)


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