5 Recommendations in Palm Oil Moratorim

5 Recommendations in Palm Oil Moratorim

nfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Sawit Watch and the civil organizations, such as, ELSAM, ICEL, Madani, Kaoem Telapak, SPKS, Greenpeace Indonesia, FWI, Kemitraan, JKLPK, and JPIK just completed the short report, called, “Shadow Report : Kemana Arah Implementasi Inpres No. 8 Tahun 2018 Berjalan?”.

The report is about the notes and monitoring result that they did. It was published in the press conference in Jakarta.

In the recent official statement to InfoSAWIT, Sawit Watch and the civil organizations recommended 5 things about palm oil moratorium or President’s Instruction No. 8 / 2018. The first is the implementation in the regional level.

The second is the team work in the national level needs to arrange the roadmap or technical guidance to be the reference for the provinces and districts/cities to implement it.

The third is it needs to implement it from the small regions which means, the regions having no wider plantations could be the priority in the moratorium.

The fourth is in the goal to get open information, there should be mechanism which prioritizes the principle of openness of data, information, and update of progress in the moratorium to be monitored and accessed by the public and civil organizations.

The fifth is it needs to develop the mechanism or platform of communication among the team work nationally and the regional government. This is about to make the coordination more systematic and have communication.

The Director of Direktrorat Litbang, Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC), Sulistyanto said that palm oil may offen not give incentive to the region because many headquarters of the companies are in Jakarta.

If it happens, the regions would not care about the improvement of the governance. “We support about how the system and the management are managed well and the incentive is given to the regions,” Sulis said. (T2)


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