Sustainable Palm Oil in India is Widely Open

Sustainable Palm Oil in India is Widely Open

InfoSAWIT NEW DELHI – According to Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), about 98% of palm oil (CPO and its derivatives) consumed by the people of India are from the imports. That is why, CEO RSPO, Darrel Webber thought, the publication of Sustainable Palm Oil Coalition for India (SPOC-India) would make dialogue about sustainable palm oil which the country needs.

 “We do hope that the coalition could play important role to help the same vision, to make sustainable palm oil as the norm,” he said in the official page of RSPO.

Meanwhile Director of Rainforest Alliance, Edward Millard said that it is the right time for SPOC-India. Palm oil has become the source of living for millions of smallholders and labors (workers) in the tropical regions.

“The partnership from the companies in India, as the biggest importer in the world to by palm oil without negative production would send the clear massages to the supply chain and stimulate the further progress in the sustainable practice,” Millard said. (T2)


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