PFMA Takes CBS to Improve the Data of Palm Oil

PFMA Takes CBS to Improve the Data of Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – As one strategic commodity nationally palm oil is always accused negatively from United States of America and European Union. The latest news is from Brazil that would make 14% of palm oil tariff. The trade barrier would influence the industries nationally especially the palm oil is cheap still.

Based on Director of Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), Dono Boestami, the cheaper palm oil has begun since 2012 but PFMA was made in June 2015.

He thought, PFMA in the beginning is about to make the palm oil price to the previous level by some instruments. But it is in fluctuation. “Now we use the standards, US$ 570/ton. But what about the stable price?” he said in the Stakehoder Gathering BPDPKS where InfoSAWIT attended, Tuesday (21/5/2019) in Jakarta.

He also said, his side is difficult to limit the normal price because the width and the production are various in numbers. There is no equal data among the ministries and institution.

This makes the width and the production projections are not equal. The worst is if the data is wrong. It is afraid that the government would make unclear policy. That is why PFMA does need the right information.

Dono also mentioned, his side would cooperate with Central Bureau of Statistic (CBS) to improve the data about palm oil in Indonesia. “The target is to make the right data about palm oil plantation in Indonesia,” he said.

In addition, the width and production of palm oil are different in the field but PFMA would be synergy to share the data of plantation which ministry of agriculture does with Geospatial Information Bureau and others. “The data would be equalized,” he said. (T2)


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