Cargill Launched Palm oil Shortening, PalmAgility

Cargill Launched Palm oil Shortening, PalmAgility

InfoSAWIT, MINNEAPOLIS - In the recent days, Cargill launched palm oil shortening for bread industries called PalmAgility. The company claimed that palm oil is very helpful to reduce fragility in the food in many kinds of temperature. The results are kinds of food using shortening could be easily kept but have better texture.

In bare eyes PalmAgility has softer texture and cream compared to other common palm oil shortening.

The company also claimed that the test of palm oil shortening PalmaAgility was to make pay, donate, cake, and crème in the sophisticate Food Innovation Center, Cargill in Minneapolis, United States of America.

Cargill also mentioned that the bread makers faced the challenges when using the common palm oil shortening. The challenges were when keeping the food and maintaining the texture.

“PalmAgility is the single solution which helps to solve the needs of making cake in bread store,” Director of R&D for Global Vegetable oil Business, Cargill, North America, John Satumba said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently. (T2)

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