June 2019, the CSF is Still Zero

June 2019, the CSF is Still Zero

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – After it gets cheaper and makes worse for the people’s fresh fruit bunch (FFB), the citation fee for the crude palm oil (CPO) that Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency runs in the end of 2018 has the new regulation.

The implementation is about the same with CPO Out Fee by using the limits. The palm oil citation would run if the CPO is more than US$ 570/ton.

Based on the information from Ministry of Trade, the CPO referential price in June 2019 is US$ 547,17/ton. It gets decreasing 4,56% or cheaper US$ 26,14 from May 2019 which was US$ 573,31/ton. So the citation for the exports in June 2019 is still zero.

In the previous, Chairman of Supervisor Board, PFMA, Rusman Heriawan predicted that in June 2019 the citation would be zero for it is less than the limit.

The same thing was told by General Director of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Kasdi Subagyono. He thought, the export citation would be zero for the cheap commodity.

“The CPO is not too good, that is why the citation would not be implemented. The smallholders’ FFB is cheap too,” Kasdi recently said. (T2)


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