Strengthen Palm Oil Diplomacy

Strengthen Palm Oil Diplomacy

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The associations having relation with palm oil plantations nationally have done positive diplomacy and trade promotions. These are supported by Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) which uses the Crude palm oil Supporting Fund.

In the same time, the government of Indonesia has increased the diplomacy and negotiation. In addition, some countries, namely in European Union have officially made the negative campaigns as their policy.

Indonesian Palm Oil Board (IPOB) really appreciated what the government has done to do promotion and advocacy. President Joko Widodo himself did the diplomacy to deny the policy that would run in palm oil trade from Indonesia.

Not only the leader of this country, the ministers also did diplomacy and efforts to protect the mainstay product from Indonesia.

For example, Ministry of External Affairs was really active to do diplomacy, and so was Coordinator Ministry in Maritime and Trade. Coordinator Ministry in Economy and Ministry of Agriculture would increase the support to defend palm oil from Indonesia. (Chairman of IPOB, Derom Bangun)

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