It is Serious to Improve the Palm Oil Management

It is Serious to Improve the Palm Oil Management

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA  - The publication of palm oil moratorium is as one effort to improve palm oil plantation management nationally especially about the license.

Senior Advisor of President’s Staff Office, Abetnego Tarigan said that more than one million hectare of palm oil plantations in Riau Province are in the forest regions.

“Is it a crime though the facts showed that the economy develops there? The plantations could be categorized as the incredible one. But it needs solutions whether the plantations are revitalized by developing the downstream industries (biofuel),” he recently said.

He also mentioned that actually the real challenge in Indonesia is how to fulfill the needs well which means there are lots of needs that should be fulfilled by the good quality too.

“Just like what President said, there are two important points, such as, develop the downstream industries and improve the governance. It means that palm oil should develop not in business as usual only but also should be the moment to improve,” he said. (T2)


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