Sustainable Practices Muffle the Negative

Sustainable Practices Muffle the Negative

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - It is admitted that the stakeholders got significant profits from the global trade (the smallholders, investors, employees). But the other groups, such as, traditional land owners would lost their land and rights of the land use. The indigenous people’s rights would be abandoned when the palm oil plantation is developed and could make conflict between the indigenous ones and the labors of the company.

Besides the positive, palm oil has negatives too.So to reduce the green-house gas (GRG) in Indonesia, protect the diversity, reduce the water and air pollution, it could be done by law enforcement tighter, support the development to the areas which got licenses, such as, secondary forest.

The palm oil moratorium has been published. This could be the start to improve the palm oil plantation governance to realize the sustainable plantation and prevent to produce more carbon.The protection of diversity could be done when developing the plantation.

In the end the best and sustainable practice would be the key to muffle the negative potentials when the palm oil plantation is developed in the future.

(Faris Maulana Satria, The Student Majoring Agribusiness, Faculty of Agriculture, 2015, Universitas Padjadjaran)


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