Measure the Potential of Palm Oil Bioenergy

Measure the Potential of Palm Oil Bioenergy

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –  The waste of palm oil from the factory is always accused negatively. It is identical with the other that would be dangerous for the environment. Not only the liquid, the sold waste is too. So what about the potential development?

Crude palm oil (CPO) production from the palm oil factory is the mainstay product of the plantation industries nationally. It develops the industries and contributes to the development nationally. As time goes its production keeps increasing as same as increasing numbers of the factories.

It is admitted that there are some unsolved business, that is, the liquid and solid wastes of the factory which are negatively accused. The wastes should have potential to develop bioenergy industries nationally by using the two be as the materials.

The liquid waste which is always called as palm oil mill effluent (POME) within the lasts new technology could be processed to be environmental and renewable to products, such as, biogas power plants that many palm oil companies have developed..

 (Mirror/InfoSAWIT, February 2019)


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