2016-2019 PSO Got 666 Agrarian Conflicts about 1,4 Million Ha

2016-2019 PSO Got 666 Agrarian Conflicts about 1,4 Million Ha

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Since it has been running (2016-2019), Tim Percepatan Penyelesaian Konflik AgrariaKantor Staf Kepresidenan (TPPKA-KSP) or the President’s Staff Office got 666 agrarian conflicts or about 1.457.084 hectares and involved at least 176.132 families.

In the beginning, some of the cases were reported by the people to the Cabinet Secretariat. Then the reports were given to PSO and handled by TPPKA. Besides that TPPKA also got the complaints in the forms of letter, electronic mail, and direct reports from the people.

After TPPKA analyzed them, it was revealed that most of the agrarian conflicts took place because of mal-administration in the land service, overlapping licenses/area concession and natural resources, the unfair compensation process, much time to solve one case because of formal legal approach only, and others.

Based on the profiles of the 666 cases, 413 cases were supported by enough information and they could be followed up. TPPKA also knew that 167 cases could be solved in short time, 92 cases should be solved in some time, but 154 cases needed much time. 253 cases had no supporting information and could not be followed up.

In the official release to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (12/6/2019), to accelerate the 167 cases within the category – solved in short - TPPKA-KSP did Ministries Meeting on Wednesday, Wednesday, 12 June 2019 in Gedung Binagraha, Jakarta.

Ministries Meeting is a coordination among the Head of President’s Staff Office with the related ministries, such as, Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial/National Land Agency, Minister of Environment and Forestry, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Enterprises, Minister of Finance, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Fishery and Sea, Commandant of Army, and Chief of Police. (T2)


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