Revive the Soul of Planters by Games

Revive the Soul of Planters by Games

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Working in palm oil plantation is different from working in other sector. Palm oil plantation has its own character which makes it different. The wide area, the various natural challenges, working far away from distance, managing men within their own characters, the targets of management to get should make a planter have the soul of planter.

A planter should work hard, actively and effectively communicate, have initiative, be creative, concentrate when working, love challenges, have responsibility, could cooperate under-pressure to be successful.

But the fact showed that self-ability would not be enough. It could happen that some planters fail to get the target because their individuals in the company could not collaborate one to another. Planters tend to have their ego. As a matter of fact, the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) does need  a long process to do, starting from the seeding, preparing the area, planting, nursing the immature plantation, nursing the mature plantation, harvesting, transporting the FFB and processing it in the factory to be crude palm oil and palm kernel. All of them should be done in group/team which the duty and obligation are different but still connect.

For example, the success in the harvest/production would be determined by the good transportation. The transportation itself should be supported by the workshop team to be maximal.

In the wider perspective, the management of the plantation and factory should be in synergy to get the target in a whole. The plantation should produce/send the good FFB so that when the FFB is processed in the factory, there would be maximal oil extraction rate (OER) with good quality of oil. (Maruli Pardamean – Writer of Palm Oil Plantation)

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