The Implementation of ISPO Increased

The Implementation of ISPO Increased

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Until now 457 Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificates have been published. 450 certificates were given to the plantation companies; 3 for the koperasi swadaya, and 4 for KUD plasma within the total areas 3.828.238 hectares (ha) or about 27,40% of the total palm oil plantation about 14,03 million ha within the productive plantation reaching 2.550.106 ha.

The total production of the FFB certified by ISPO reaches 49.042.224 ton/year and the crude palm oil (CPO) production reaches about 11.016.859 ton/year (30% of the total CPO production which reaches 37,8 million ton/year), within average productivity about 19,23 tons/ha/year and the yield about 22,74% in average.

Head of ISPO Secretariat, Azis Hidayat said that of the total ISPO certificates published and given to the companies, 420 were directly given to the big private companies within the total areas about 3.634.243 ha (47% of the total plantation reaching 7,707 million ha); 30 certificates were to PT Perkebunan Nusantara within the areas 188.515 ha (26,55% of the total areas reaching 710 thousand ha); and 7 certificates to plasma/independent unions within the areas 5.480 ha (0,10% of the total areas reaching 5,613 million ha).

“In the ISPO Commission meeting in December 2018, 4 certificates were revoked because the companies did not follow up the surveillance finding within the areas 12.186 ha, the productive plantation reaching 10.551 ha, FFB production reaching 195.771 ha/year and the CPO production reaching 46.544 ton/ha,” Azis told in the official information to InfoSAWIT recently.

The total certificates published until now are 453 (446 for the companies, 3 koperasi swadaya, and 4 KUD Plasma) within the total areas reaching 3.816.051 ha, productive plantation reaching 2.539.574 ha, total FFB production reaching 48.846.452 ton/year and CPO production reaching 10.970.315 ton/year, the FFB productivity reaching 19 tons/ha/year, and the average yield reaching 22,5%. (T2)


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