The Companies Ignored the RHA and Should be Evaluated

The Companies Ignored the RHA and Should be Evaluated

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR – After Idul Fitri some palm oil companies might not pay their obligations - paying the Religious Holiday Allowance (RHA) to the labors. Sawit Watch urged the government to evaluate and do law enforcement to the companies.

“Sawit Watch got some reports from many regions saying that some palm oil companies did not pay the RHA to the labors namely the freelancers. From Bengkulu and South Sumatera,” Executive Director of Sawit Watch, Inda Fatinaware said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Monday (17/6/2019).

The reports told that some big companies paid the RHA but it was not as it is regulated. For example, 915 freelancers in District of Mukomuko just got Rp 170.000. from Musi Rawas, it was reported that the daily labors got RHA about Rp 44.645. “From the other regions, such as, North Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan, we do get the same reports,” she said.

This is the opposite with what Ministry of Labor reported saying that the complaint about RHA payment decreased until June 11th 2019.

“Is it the real fact? Many palm oil plantation labors did not report the case because the risk that they could be fired and other factors, such as, the limited access of communication. The other reason is that when complaining, it needs identity. The labors were afraid if they told their complaint, and the company knew it, the company would fire the labor(s). the labors were difficult to do online complaint because of limited access of communication,” she said.

Based on the supervision by Sawit Watch from May to June 2019, many daily labors got the losses.

Before the Ramadhan day, they were not working. It was a modus to avoid paying the RHA. After Idul Fitri, they work again. The other modus is that the daily labors were not working in every single month. When they insist the RHA, it is regulated that the daily labors who do not work continuously and regularly could not get the RHA.

“The other is that the companies do not pay the RHA to the daily labors because the companies are not obliged to do so but the third side or sub-contractor who hire the daily labors,” Palm Oil Labor Specialist, Sawit Watch, Zidane said.

“RHA is the rights of the labors which is regulated and guaranteed in Regulation of Government No. 78 / 2015 about Allowance; and Regulation of Minister of Labors No. 6 / 2016 about the Religious Holiday Allowance for the Labors/Workers in a company.

“We do hope that the government should firmly act, not only make complaint post. Do not wait for the report but visit the companies to ensure that the labors get their RHA, process the complaint, give sanction to the companies which did not pay the RHA for the labors,” Zidane said. (T2)


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