The Smallholders Rejected the CSF

Photo: RMOL Sumsel
The Smallholders Rejected the CSF

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – On Thursday (20/6/2019) the smallhoders who join in Asosiasi Petani Plasma Kelapa Sawit (APPKSI) were in Ministry of Finance to urge the government not to implement Crude palm oil Supporting Fund (CSF).

They thought that the implementation of CSF would influence the cheap fresh fruit bunch (FFB) produced by the smallholders.

General Secretaary of APPKSI, Arifin Nur Cahyono said that they came to Ministry of Financial to remind the central government not to implement the CSF because the FFB is not stable in price still.

“We know that the CSF would be re-implemented. We are satisfied though the price is not stable yet but it is better. All of a sudden, the CSF would run again,” he said as quoted from RMOL Sumsel.

He also said that his side rejected the CSF because the fund is not for the smallholders. “The smallholders do not get the impact,” he said. (T2)


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