Macademia: Forest Rehabilitation and Increases the Economy for the People

Macademia: Forest Rehabilitation and Increases the Economy for the People

InfoSAWIT, TAPANULI – To rehabilitate the forest and areas and as the sources of the villagers for the people, the government starts developing Macadamia around Toba Lake, North Sumatera province. The plantations from Australia and Sulawesi could be integrated with bee, patchouli, and charcoal cultivation. Besides rehabilitating the forest and areas, this could be the source of income for the people.

“Choosing Macademia integrifolia to rehabilitate the forest and areas, namely around Toba Lake, I think, is the right one because the plantation could resist the erosion of the soil and durable to the fire. The fruit could also be consumed by the  people and it has high economy,” Coordinator Minister in Economy, Darmin Nasution said when giving speech in the official ceremony of ‘Pengembangan Macadamia Dalam Rangka Rehabilitasi Hutan Dan Lahan Tahun 2019’, Thursday (27/6/2019),  in Village of Huta Ginjang, District of North Tapanuli, North Sumatera province.

Macademia is planted because it could substitute horticulture plantation. The six year – Macademia could produce nut. It is potential to multiply the income of the people, starting from Rp 200 million up to Rp 1 billion per hectare. It depends on the productivity.

In front of hundreds of invitations and the people around, Darmin also reminded that the forest and trees play important role to maintain the balance of life in the earth.

“Every tree could be the solution to prevent the disaster, such as, avalance, flood, and drought. So planting trees is the real contribution to improve the environment,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.


The Way to Prevent the River

Until now the critical areas in Indonesia may lay about 14 million hectares that threat the functional conservation of rive. To solve those, the government has done Forest and Areas Rehabilitation program within the target per year reaching 1,1 million hectares namely in 15 prior river locations.

“By the rehabilitation program, the erosion and sedimentation level would decrease, the avalance and the flood could be prevented, the conservation would increase, and could absorb the carbon that is needed to control the climate change,” he said.

As the landscape having ecology, economy and social, the river should be wisely managed to give advantage for every stakeholders. That is why Darmin clearly explained three corrective actions to manage the river, they are:

The first is that the forest and area rehabilitation program should not stop after planting the tree but should get the rehabilitation programs that give advantages for the people around. “The people should be seen as the social assests, not as the loggers. That is why they should be empowered. The rehabilitation should be designed not only for the ecologic goal but should have economic goal that the people could get the advantage,” he said.

The second is that the forest and area rehabilitation program should be collaboratively and with participation done by involving every component of the people, both the government instance, the stakeholder, the university, and the people’s organizations.

The third is that the program should be in synergy with the other government’s program, such as, the social forestry, and development of “satu desa satu komoditas unggulan”, and tourism development.

In the opportunity, Darmin was accompanied by Minister of Forestry and Environment, Siti Nurbaya Bakar when giving the award to the Enterprises and local figures that focus to rehabilitate the forest and areas. It was followed up by giving the Macademia seeds to the people symbolically.

The event was to commemorate ‘Hari Penanggulangan Degradasi Lahan dan Kekeringan’ whole over the world and it was attended by Governor of North Sumatera, Edy Rahmayadi, the regents around Toba Lake, the environment activists, and the local figures. (T2)


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