Palm Oil between The Needs and the Urgent Sustainable Scheme

Palm Oil between The Needs and the Urgent Sustainable Scheme

InfoSAWIT, OSLO – In the event that the embassy in Oslo, Norway did, the Political Advisor of Minister of Environment and Climate, Norway, Marit Vea said that the government of Norway does not block palm oil from Indonesia but the question is that is palm oil is produced by appropriate approach? “We do admit that palm oil is very important for the economy in Indonesia,” Vea said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

It means that the government of Norway just wants to make sure that palm oil products from Indonesia should be produced sustainably. So Indonesia and Norway need to get the solution so that palm oil industries could play the role to reduce carbon emission and decrease the deforestation.

The Ambassador of Indonesia in Norway, Prof. DR. Todung Mulya Lubis said that though there is no statement or regulation in Norway to forbid or block palm oil products from Indonesia, but the resolution of European Union parliament that published RED II (renewable energy directive) in the Delegated Act put ILUC (indirect land use change) which means that palm oil is categorized as high risky product to the deforestation. It may be as the new discrimination to palm oil by European Union.

He also emphasized in his speech that palm oil industries play important role to realize sustainable development goals. Palm oil industries, he continued, are the sources of lives for 20 million citizens of Indonesia. 4,2 million men directly work in palm oil sectors and 2,4 million men work as smallholders. “We want to emphasized that palm oil industries are highly committed to realize sustainability,” Todung said. (T2)


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