ISPO: The Commitment of Indonesia to Implement Sustainable Development

ISPO: The Commitment of Indonesia to Implement Sustainable Development

InfoSAWIT, OSLO - In the event that the embassy in Oslo, Norway did, Vice Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Togar Sitanggang  said that palm oil industries would take Indonesia realize the energy independence.

“Who masters the energy, they would master the world. This makes the advanced countries, including European Union worried and finally they postpone the palm oil development,” he said in the official statement to kepada InfoSAWIT recently.

He also said that the commitment to improve the governance of palm oil plantation to be equal with the sustainable development goals globally is done by many things, such as, by improving the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO). 

As the sustainable standards of palm oil plantation governance in Indonesia, ISPO has the same goals with the global standards, such as, reducing deforestation, reducing the emission of green – house gas from the changing land use, and obedience to the other constitution, such as, labor, and human rights.

“The improvement of ISPO adopts the values in the sustainable development goals (SDGs). SDGs is the world development agenda which was agreed in the United Nations to be realized in 2030,” Togar said. (T2)


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