Oleo-chemical Industries Develop, The Exports Reached US$ 2,3 Billion

Oleo-chemical Industries Develop, The Exports Reached US$ 2,3 Billion

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – When the crude palm oil in the world does not recover yet, palm oil downstream industries, from oleo-chemical develop. According to Asosiasi Produsen Oleokimia Indonesia (Apolin), in 2016 - 2019 the oleo-chemical producers keep increasing and the last, there are twenty companies now.

Chairman of Apolin, Rapolo Hutabarat said that the investments in oleo-chemical industries in 2017 spent Rp 4,77 billion and in 2018 they were about Rp 1,14 billion. By 2019 the capacity of oleo-chemical industries reached 11,326 million tons and they consist of Fatty Acid reaching 4,55 million tons, Fatty Alcohol reaching 2,12 million tons, Glycerine reaching about 883.700 tons, Methyl Ester reaching 1,93 million tons, and Soap Noodle reaching 1,83 million tons.

“The increasing production in this year happens for the two new investments of oleo-chemical industries in Dumai, Riau Province. Besides the two have listed as the members of Apolin,” Rapolo said in the seminar within the theme ‘Ragam Industri Pengguna Produk Oleokimia Indonesia’, in Jakarta, Wednesday (3/7/2019), where InfoSAWITdid attend.

The export volume of oleo-chemical products within the 15HS code in 2017 reached 1,9 million tons, in 2018 they increased to be 2 million tons.  The exports in 2017 reached US$ 1,5 billion and US$ 2,3 billion in 2018.  

Oleo-chemical is used in the detergent, pharmacy, tire, cosmetic, and other industries. “It is the challenge to develop oleo-chemical products in the future. The research is the pillar of these industries to develop it,” he said.

General Director of Agro Industry, Ministry of Industry, Abdul Rochim said that the oleo-chemical industries play the strategic role for they could process the abundant palm oil to be the building block to develop the related downstream industries.

“One factor is the increasing EODB (Ease of Doing Business) from the facilities and easy investment that the government of Indonesia published. The government is also committed to encourage and support the development of the industries nationally,” he said.

That is why the research to make the latest innovation is the spear to master the global markets, such as, biolubricant, bio-surfactant, bioplastic, biopolymer, up to sophisticated biomaterial.

“The power of oleo-chemical industries in palm oil – base is on the capability and ability to substitute crude ole products to be more environmental and sustainable,” Abdul Rochim said. (T2)


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