Palm Oil Tree has no Fault

Palm Oil Tree has no Fault

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The natural characteristic of palm oil tree which is monoculture has debates still. Some said, because of its monoculture, it is afraid that it could disturb the natural balance that could make other plantation not grow.

But the other researches claimed others. According to professor of Intitut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Prof. Tien Hartadi, though palm oil is categorized as the monoculture tree, it could be cultivated with other plantations, such as, the horticulture.

Within its height, it could be planted with vegetable and fruity plantations. But the issue is that the monoculture tree would absorb much water from the soil. “Not only palm oil tree, every plantation needs water,” Prof. Tien recently said.

As a matter of fact, from the research of natural characteristic of elaeis guineensis, the Latin of palm oil, there are many ways to do. He mentioned that palm oil absorbs much water but the irrigation could be made to the water needs.

About the accusation that palm oil could damage the nutrients, Prof. Tien thought, the technology has proved it. It could be solved by the treatment to fertilize it and when the nutrients in the soil is about to end, it could be immediately handled. (T2)


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