The Smallholders Urged the Fund Allocation from PFMA Should be more for them

Chairman of Apkasindo, Alpian Arahman
The Smallholders Urged the Fund Allocation from PFMA Should be more for them

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (Apkasindo)  did welcome the publication of Regulation of Minister of Agriculture or Peraturan Menteri Pertanian (Permentan) No. 7 / 2019 about the Human Resources, Research, Replanting Program, and Palm Oil Plantation Infrastructure Development.

“Apkasindo as the biggest smallholders association in Indonesia is ready to cooperate with the government and Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) to provide the numbers of the smallholders in Indonesia. It is needed to make and publish the right and strategic policies for the smallholders in many regions,” Chairman of Apkasindo, Alpian Arahman said when opening the National Meeting of Apkasindo in Jakarta in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Monday (8/7/2019).

In the meeting within the theme, “Penguatan Kelembagaan Petani Sawit di Era 4.0”. Alpian ensured that it has no bargain anymore to strengthen the smallholders’ associations. To realize it, it needs the fund support from PFMA which is given through the associations which is proposed in phases, starting from the agency in the districts/cities, province, to central governments.

He thought that by the publication of Permentan, the government’s programs really help the smallholders and are funded by PFMA, such as, the smallholders’ replanting program, human resources development, the procurement of infrastructures. These could be increased more and the fund from PFMA should be more for the smallholders.

“The point is that we keep struggling for the smallholders’ aspiration so that we have the better bargaining position by prioritizing the sustainable principles. We develop this association powerfully and transparently managed, equal fairness to every smallholder and the fund help from the government should be miss-used,” he said.

The main program of Apkasindo is to make the powerful institution. The Dewan Pimpinan Wilayah (DPW) of Apkasindo in the province level and Dewan Pimpinan Daerah (DPD) of Apkasindo in the district level would make union. DPD Apkasindo in the regions should increase the cooperation with the local plantation agency because every proposal to develop the human resources, smallholders’ replanting program, and the infrastructure procurement should be from the local agency.

“The government’s partisanship to the smallholders is good. The Permentan No. 7, for instance, regulates every detail to give profits to the smallholders, such as, human resources development, the replanting program and infrastructure procurement. We do hope, everything should run up to the regions. The regional government should be proactive; the  DPD and DPW of Apkasindo is ready to cooperate,” Alpian said. (T2)


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