Palm oil Industrial Management Needs People Re-oriented

Palm oil Industrial Management Needs People Re-oriented

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The negative accusations to palm oil industries need to define the social welfare. It should be seen not from the economic and social only but also from the humanity aspect. It needs to balance the three because the vegetable oil trade in the world always has something to do with the smallholders.

“It needs more people re-oriented approach to manage our palm oil industries,” DR. Fransiscus X. Supiarso said when having dissertation in Universitas Indonesia (UI) recently.

He who becomes a doctor in social welfare did his researches and summarized within the title "Analisis Morfogenetik Pemberdayaan dan Kesejahteraan Pekebun Plasma di Kabupaten Sekadau, Kalimantan Barat”.

His research re-summarized that the partnership pattern between the smallholders and the plasma is one way to increase the welfare of the villagers.

The success of partnership should not be seen from the increasing income but should be from the three characteristics. The first is the partnership should be known, measured from how the people manage the social issues. The second is that how far the partnership influences the people to fulfill the social needs, and the third is how far the partnership gives the chance to further enhancement.

In his research, he found that the smallholders’ organization, such as, union, plays important role to welfare themselves. “Without the union, there would be no interaction among the planters that becomes the condition to have the same interests,” he said while quoting the morphogenetic approach when doing the researches. (T2)


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